Belgian Philatelic Society Cosmos

The Belgian Philatelic Society Cosmos is a society for astrophilatelists. BFV Cosmos was founded on 19 December 1971 in Gent. We are adepts of spaceflight and collect space stamps and space covers from launch sites all over the world. We organize lectures and slide shows on space stamps, covers en space collecting. We exhibit in local, national and international exhibitions.

Our quarterly magazine, Cosmos Express, is sent worldwide to astrophilatelists. This bulletin covers all about astrophilatelic and space events in the world.

Our members collect stamps and space covers from all countries that have a space program : United States, Europe, Union of Soviet States, India, China, Japan, ... The board and members of BFV Cosmos have a great experience in astrophilatelic exhibits at local, national and international exhibitions. BFV Cosmos is member of F.I.S.A., K.L.B.P. and Oost-Phila and is on the BePhila website.

Board of BFV Cosmos

President Stefan Bruylants
Vice-President Bart Van Oppens
Secretary Patric Heye
Treasurer Johan Knockaert
FISA-Delegate Stefan Bruylants
Contact Stefan Bruylants

Cosmos Express

Cosmos Express is the quarterly magazine of B.F.V. Cosmos and is a bilingual publication in Dutch and English, published in March - June - September - December.

Cosmos express was published as a magazine from 1972 to 2022, as from 2023 we only have a digital magazine.