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Astrophilately, the most scientific discipline in philately

Anything that happens in space . . . can be incorporated into astrophilately

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The small artwork "The Fallen Astronaut" was left on the Moon by the Apollo 15 astronauts, together with a memory plate for all astronauts who died.

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Apollo 15 Moon cover, landed on the Moon in 1971.

One of the most important things in astrophilately is to get the exact information about spaceflight and astrophilatelic covers.

There is a lot of astrophilatelic material available, on the internet and written, but a lot of knowledge is in the hand of great astrophilatelist who really want to share their data.

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The Mundaneum by Paul Otlet, the first attempt to bring all the world's data together in one building, internet and Wikipedia® "avant la lettre".

If you are interested in astrophilately, join us !

The astrophilatelic community is worldwide.

We are connected with astrophilatelic clubs in Europe, America and Asia.