Belgische Filatelie Vereniging Cosmos

Due to Corona lockdown NO meetings.

Depending the advise of the National Security Council, we hope to start in September 2022.

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Belgian Philatelic Society for Astrophilately

We are adepts of spaceflight and collect space stamps and space covers from launch sites all over the world as the United States, Union of Soviet States, Europe, China, India, Japan, … and on space events.

We organize lectures and slide shows on space stamps, covers and space collecting.
We exhibit in regional, national and international exhibitions.

Our quarterly magazine Cosmos Express is sent to astrophilatelists worldwide.
We cooperate with astrophilatelic societies worldwide and exchange informations and magazines between the clubs.

Zaal Westveld

Heilig-kruisplein 10
9040 Gent / Sint-Amandsberg

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BFV Cosmos

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Cosmos Express

Exhibitions Belgium

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Pre-Sale of Stamps

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Monthly meetings in Gent

September 2021 ?

Quaterly Magazine

Published in March, June, September and December.

Discover the Special Stamps from bpost in 2020.


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New Books

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Beatrice Bachmann awarded with F.I.P. Lifetime Award.

Astrophilatelic Exhibitors have to follow the F.I.P. Special regulations and Guidelines.

Pioneer Rocket Mail & Space Mail.
New book from Walter Hopferwieser.

On July 21st, Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon.
Here some sites where you can follow every second of this historical flight.
- SkySafari


Jacqueline Lauwers-Bekaert
Tel : + 32 9 228 68 66

Stefan Bruylants

Meeting Place

Zaal Westveld
Heilig-kruisplein 10
9040 Gent / Sint-Amandsberg


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If you are interested in astrophilately, in space events and space achievements, in space stamps and space covers, in recent and old spaceflight news, in normal or rare space covers, don't hesitate to become a member of the Belgian Astrophilatelic Society Cosmos, the only club on astrophilately in Belgium.

See all information on the contact page.