Gesellschaft der Welt-All Philatelisten

Our society is open to young and old, everybody interested in the development of spaceflight is greatly welcome. During our monthly meetings we inform our members about news, celebrations, plans, activities, small talk, etc... we offer possibilities to exchange philatelic material, photos, signatures etc. and always have time for discussions.

We produce our own covers about interesting spaceflight missions, organize sellings and give support in building up your own exhibit. We can help you in translation of russian text on covers and can give you advice on some of the documents or covers you want to show.

If possible and if enough interest from our members, we can organize trips to exhibitions and spaceflight expo in our country or abroad.

Board of G.W.P.

President Christian Schmied
Vice-President Charles Keller
Secretary -
Treasurer Charles Keller
FISA-Delegate Christian Schmied
Contact Christian Schmied

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