Associazione Italiane Astrofilatelica - AS*IT*AF

AS.IT.AF. – the Italian Astrophilately Society – has been established in 2008 as a non-profit organization, to become the focal point for all astrophilately collectors in Italy and to disseminate information among the Members and serve as a forum for exchange of ideas on our common hobby.

AS.IT.AF. aims at
- Promoting the interests of astrophilatelists and space collectors;
- Facilitating contacts among collectors;
- Promoting studies, research and publications about historical and technical aspects in relation with astrophilately and space mail;
- Helping in starting a collection, with particular attention to young collectors;
- Helping in finding proper astrophilatelic items, minimizing risks and errors;
- Producing astrophilatelic items related to space events contributed by italy;
- Organizing seminars and meetings about topics of interest;
- Organizing and supporting astrophilately exhibitions;
- Facilitating participation to space events;
- Creating and maintaining relationships with similar foreign associations.

AS.IT.AF. is affiliated with the Federazione fra le Società Filateliche Italiane.

AS.IT.AF. is a non-profit organization and does not support commercial activity.

Board of AS*IT*AF

President Umberto Cavallaro
Vice-President Walter Cugno
Secretary Pietro Della Maddalena
Treasurer Pietro Della Maddalena
FISA-Delegate Umberto Cavallaro
Contact Pietro Della Maddalena

Ad *Astra

AD ASTRA , the quarterly Journal of AS.IT.AF. provides information – both in Italian and English – on the main astrophilatelic and space events, with a special focus on Italy. Twenty five per cent of the Members are from outside Italy.