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Astrophilately is one of the thirteen Philatelic Classes the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (F.I.P.) supports in exhibitions.
Here is : "All you want to know about on Astrophilately" .

  • What is astrophilately ?

    Astrophilately is the collecting of philatelic material related to space exploration. It does not develop a theme, it is a philatelic study of the scientific and technical progress achieved in conquest of space, including stratosphere research, early rocketry and precursors to various types of spacecrafts.

    Astrophilately is a chronological recording of all relative events within the different space programs.

  • What is an astrophilatelic exhibit ?

    An astrophilatelic exhibit is built up on historical, technical and scientific aspects related to space research and space programs.

  • Appropriate philatelic material in astrophilately

    Appropriate philatelic material of an astrophilatelic exhibit includes the following :

    - Documents handed over by a postal administration for dispatch by stratosphere balloons, rockets, spaceships, rocket planes, recovery ships, rescue helicopters and other supporting aircraft or vice-versa.

    - Stamps, leaflets and vignettes related to rocket mail, postal stationary, mailgrams and special envelopes and cards of relevance to the different parts of the space program, including the related precursors, the launch-flight-landing of space traveling objects and the participating tracking stations, skios and supporting aircraft.

    - Among the special characteristics of astrophilately are envelopes and cards cancelled by the post office at the place and on the exact date of the special event.

  • Subdivisions in astrophilately

    - Astrophilately can be divided in several sub-programs to allow more variability in exhibitions :
    — from the period of pioneers to conquest of space
    — rocket mail
    — space programs by the USSR/Russia, United States, Europe, China, Japan, …
    — unmanned space programs
    — manned space programs

  • The Astro-Commission within F.I.P.

    The new Board of the Astro-Commission in F.I.P. was elected at the Delegate Conference of the FIP Section for Astrophilately at Taipei Congress on October 25th 2016 :

    Charles Bromser /AUS
    Tan Chee Hui /MAL
    Bureau Member FEPA
    Christian Schmied /CH
    Bureau Member FIAF
    David Ball /USA
    Bureau Member FIAP
    Madhukar Jhingan /IND

  • Special Regulations and Guidelines for Astrophilately
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    Half the eighties of past century, five well known astrophilatelists prepared the Special Regulations for the Evaluation of an astrophilatelic exhibit (SREV) and the Guidelines for the jury interpretation.

    These SREV & Guidelines were accepted by F.I.P. and are always checked by jury members when judging an astrophilatelic exhibit.

  • A Summary Guide for Astrophilately
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    In order to have a view on what Astrophilately is, we present a Summary Guide for Astrophilately, compiled by Mrs. Bachmann.

    In two pages, the Conquest of Space is shown from Precursors over Space Exploration to Space Flights, covering the whole scene of astrophilately as a scientific development of spaceflight.

  • Societies and clubs for Astrophilately

    Throughout the world, in all continents, philatelists are collecting astrophilatelic items and BFV Cosmos has good relations with all of them.