B.F.V. Cosmos


The past year featured the regional exhibition West- and East Flanders “FILA NOVUS PORTUS 2013”, at Nieuwpoort on 22nd and 23rd June. Our board member Jean-Marie Verhalle took part in this exhibition with no less than 10 frames (non-competitive) : 6 frames on European and 4 frames on American spaceflight.

I regret not being able to visit the Astro Show in Berlin, but our President Dr. Stefan Bruylants attended and could admire about thirty astrophilatelic collections from different European countries, and took part in the astrophilatelic congress during the show.

During our monthly Cosmos reunions I informed the members about the National K.L.B.P. news as well about the local provincial news in East-Flanders. Furthermore the astrophilatelic and space news was projected and discussed.

For 2014, on October 3-4-5 the National Championship for Philately BRABANTPHIL 2014 is planned at the city of Aarschot (near Leuven), open to all classes. Inscription forms and regulations for this exhibit are available with the Secretary or download on this site. I hope several of our astro-collectors will take part in this exhibition.

I sincerely wish to thank the organizing committees of the regional exhibitions to always accept the astrophilatelic class in their exhibition.

I will always continue to promote astrophilately, but I would like to reckon the support of F.I.P. and F.E.P.A. to admit the Astrophilately Class in the planning of exhibitions, and not to omit !

I will always be available to give advice in starting up or continuing astrophilatelic exhibits for our members.

Jacqueline Lauwers-Bekaert
National Commissioner Astrophilately.