B.F.V. Cosmos


From 14th to 16th September 2012 the National Competitive Exhibition “TEMSIFIL 2012” was held and six astro exhibits participated out of which three were awarded Vermeil, two Large Silver and two Silver. Dr. Stefan Bruylants, President of BFV Cosmos, judged these exhibits. The quarterly magazine Cosmos Express was awarded Large Silver.

The Board of Directors and Delegates of the Belgian Federation re-elected Mrs. J. Lauwers-Bekaert as National Commissioner for Astrophilately.

Three Cosmos members presented a draft of their provisional build up collections at the monthly meetings : ‘Animals in Space’, ‘Mars Unravelled’ and ‘Mariner 1 to 10’. They will further develop these exhibits in order to participate in the future at competitive exhibitions.

In February 2013, the issue # 200 of the quarterly magazine Cosmos Express was issued. The first issue was published in 1971.

Jacqueline Lauwers-Bekaert
National Commissioner Astrophilately.