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Books and catalogues on astrophilately

One of the most important things in astrophilately is to get the exact information about spaceflight and covers.
There is a lot of astrophilatelic material available, on the internet and written, but a lot of knowledge is in the hand of great astrophilatelist who really wat to share their data. On the other hand, publishing a book is rather expensive, as well is post & packaging.

The future lies in distributing studies and pictures on astrophilately as a CD or DVD, knowing copying is possible. Please BUY these eBooks rather than copying : the author did a lot of research during many years and merits the small fee for his eBook ! Thank you !

Rocket Mail

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Pionierraketenpost und Kosmische Post

The "New Bible" for all flown rocket- and space material.
Walter Hopferwieser has worked more than 5 years in this catalogue, building on his previous work "Kosmische Post" from 1993. He read hundreds of papers and boks on this matter, did great research to write this unique rocket- and space-mail catalogue.

- Pioneer Rocket Mail
- Cosmic Mail from Manned Projects
- Cosmic Mail from Unmanned Projects
- Signatures of Astronauts and Cosmonauts

Author : Walter Hopferwieser
Editor : Austria Netto Katalog Verlag
Year : 2016
Pages : 510 pages Full Color

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Raketenpost Friedrich Schmiedl

This catalogue is a supplement to the catalogue on Austrian Air Mail published in 1998.
It catalogues all the Schmiedl rocket mail and gives a value to each and every letter and card, flown aboard the Schmiedl rockets.

Author : Roland F. Kohl & Walter M. Hopferwieser
Editor : Pollischansky Verlag
Year : 2003
Pages : 60 pages

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Rocket Mail Catalogue - Volume 1

Period 1904 - 1967

The E-Z Rocket Mail Catalog covers worldwide rocket mail materials, including covers, cards and stamps. Countries are listed alphabetically. The dat of each flight is listed and the flights are listed chronologically for each country.

Author : Jesse T. Ellington & Perry F. Zwisler
Editor : American Air Mail Society
Year : 1967
Pages : 245 pages B/W

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Rocket Mail Catalogue - Volume 2

Period 1968 - 1972

This Volume 2, under the able editorship of Perry Zwisler (Jesse Ellington, co-editor of the first edition, having passed away) updates their original effort through 1972. As stated in the introduction it lists only material known to have been flown in rockets.

Author : (Jesse T. Ellington &) Perry F. Zwisler
Editor : American Air Mail Society
Year : 1973
Pages : 168 pages B/W

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From the Diary of Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith made at least 270 experiments with rocket mail firings and he is believed to have kept records of all these. The book gives in depth details of about 69 flights in Bengal and Sikkim.

Author : D.N. Jatia
Editor : Philatelic Congress of India
Year : 1980
Pages : 62 pages

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Rocket Mail Flight of the World

The book narrates the story of rocket mail, from the siege of Paris in 1870 over the period before WW 2 in different countries.
After WW 2, experiments with rockets went on in Europe and United States.

Author : Max Kronstein
Editor : American Air Mail Society
Year : 1986
Pages : 192 pages

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De Ruimtevaart Raket

Booklet by Dr. A.J. de Bruyn in Dutch language, where he thinks about rocket flights and describes the first rocket flights he did in Holland. The speech he has held at the Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam on May 13th 1945 is also written down.

Author : Dr. A.J. de Bruyn
Editor : J.K. Smit & Zn, Amsterdam
Year : 1945
Pages : 32 pages

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Rocket Mail Catalogue

This is Volume 8 of Billig's Specialized Catalogues.

The catalogue gives a review on rocket flights in 18 countries as Germany, Great-Britain, Holland, USA, etc. and ends with a large description of the 'Historical Survey of First Experiments in Rocketry' by Stephen Smith.

Author : Fritz Billig
Editor : Fritz Billig
Year : 1955 (2nd Ed.)
Pages : 68 pages

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Der Österreichische Raketenpionier Friedrich Schmiedl

This is an in depth story of the Austrian rocket mail history and especially on the rocket experiments by Friedrich Schmiedl.

All rocket flights are described, all letters and cards are listed, all vignettes are listed.
A must read for every fan of rocket mail !

Author : Karl Trobas
Editor : RM Verlag, Graz
Year : 1992
Pages : 700 pages B/W

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Der Österreichische Raketenpionier Friedrich Schmiedl

This booklet is a teaser for the big book from the same author with the same title.

Author : Karl Trobas
Editor : RM Verlag, Graz
Year : 1992
Pages : 28 pages B/W

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Raketenpost Katalog

This catalogue goes on Official rocket mail, the development of rocket mail in Germany before and after WW 2.
Finally Yugoslavia and Austria are mentioned (Schmiedl).

Author : H.W. Sieger
Editor : Sieger Verlag
Year : 1971 - 3rd Ed.
Pages : 244 pages B/W