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Books and catalogues on astrophilately

One of the most important things in astrophilately is to get the exact information about spaceflight and covers.
There is a lot of astrophilatelic material available, on the internet and written, but a lot of knowledge is in the hand of great astrophilatelist who really wat to share their data. On the other hand, publishing a book is rather expensive, as well is post & packaging.

The future lies in distributing studies and pictures on astrophilately as a CD or DVD, knowing copying is possible. Please BUY these eBooks rather than copying : the author did a lot of research during many years and merits the small fee for his eBook ! Thank you !


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China's Astrophilatelic Activities

In this book Ling Fugen narrates the history of China's Astrophilatelic Activities from the beginning up to the latest space flow items.
The book includes many space postmarks issued after 2012 in China, so this book is also the follow up for his earlier book The Illustration of China's Astronautic-Themed Postmarks from 2013.

Only difficulty : the book is entirely in Chinese, with only the headings in English.

Author : Ling Fugen
Editor :
Year : 2017
Pages : 386 pages

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The Record and Study of China's Space Flown Philatelic Items

This book has recorded a variety of philatelic items with China's recoverable satellites, Shenzhou spacecrafts and Chang'e recoverable spacecrafts. There is a systematic study of all the special futures with these items and also their postmarks, accompanied by illustrations in full color.
Astrophilately fans would find it a convenient and thorough reference book for collecting China's space flown items.

Author : Ling Fugen
Editor :
Year : 2016
Pages : 336 pages

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The Philatelic Items issued by Military Post Office of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre

In this book you find a collection of all issues by Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre up to 2015 : space flown covers, commemorative covers, post cards, commemorative sheets and individualistic stamps, mag cards, coins, etc.
Also explained the history of the postal service at JSLC, its postmarks at various stages and relevant postal document papers.
For anyone interested in astrophilately and army postal service, this book will serve as a rare and faithful chronicler of JSLC issues.

Author : Ling Fugen
Editor :
Year : 2015
Pages : 240 pages

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China Aerospace and Souvenir Products

This book is compiled by China Aerospace people, recording space achievements and the development process of Chinese spaceflight.
The book consists of 11 chapters and is introduced in parts of China's space launch and control units, various types of satellites and space probes. Also included China manned space flight as well as external cooperation.
The book is based on the footprint of China's space industry for decades, since the early 1980's of the 20th century, from China's space development, launching, monitoring and control units, recycling and space souvenir products made by different units.

Author : Post & Telecom Aerospace
Editor : Post & Telecom Press China
Year : 2014
Pages : 406 pages

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The Illustrations of China's Astronautic-Themed Postmarks

After the introduction (only in Chinese) he pictures all postmarks from 1958 to 2012 depicting space themes, classified by Province and by City. The last part is a chronological table with the date of the postmark, referring to the page in the book where you can find the data on the postmark. Although the book is merely in Chinese, Ling Fugen translated the most important data in English, so Western astrophilatelists can use the book too.

Author : Ling Fugen
Editor :
Year : 2013
Pages : 338 pages

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Picture Catalogue of China's Space Development and Achievements 1970-1996

In honoring the 40th Anniversary of the decision of the Party Central Committee to develop China's Aerospace Industry in 1956, and the call of Chairman Mao Zedong in 1958 "We will also develop a man-made satellite", China National Defense and China Launch Tracking and Control published this picture catalogue on edited philatelic items.

The catalogue is entirely in Chinese, but each item has a small English text to explain the reason of the flight.

Editor : China National Defense and CLTC
Year : 1996
Pages : 166 pages

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Picture Catalogue of China's Space Development and Achievements 1996-1998

This is the second part of the Picture Catalogue with corrections, adjustments and new covers up to 1998.

The catalogue is entirely in Chinese, but each item has a small English text to explain the reason of the flight.

Editor : China National Defense and CLTC
Year : 1999
Pages : 152 pages

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The Chinese Space Programme

Brian Harvey takes the origins and development of the Chinese Space Program. He records how the Chinese Communist leadership recruited scientists expelled from the United States to build a program to match those of the Americans and Russians.
Not until 1970 did China launch its first satellite Dong Fang Hong.

Author : Brian Harvey
Editor : Wiley-Praxis Series in Space Science and Technology
Year : 1998
Pages : 182 pages