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Stamp Shows and Exhibitions

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Stamp Exhibitions are the greatest way to show your collection to the public.
If you have collected stamps and covers on some of the mayor items in astrophilately, you can start building an exhibit following the International Guidelines for Astrophilately, provided by the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie - F.I.P.

Board and Members of BFV Cosmos have a large experience in exhibiting on regional, national and international exhibitions and are always prepared to help and advice you.

Stamp Exhibitions in Belgium

Regional Exhibitions 2019

To be allocated.

National Exhibition 2018

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Ciney Expo
Ciney / Namur
24-25-26 August 2018

International Exhibitions

Exhibitions with Astro Class

Naba 2018

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Exposition Center Padiglione Conza
Lugano / Switzerland
17 - 20 May 2018

Rang 1

F.I.P. Exhibitions with Astro Class

Thailand 2018

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Royal Paragon Hall
Bangkok / Thailand
28 November - 3 December 2018


- IREX Thailand 2018
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