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Exhibitions & Shows Belgium

The following activities are planned:

Pre-Competitive Exhibitions 2016

LEDA 50 > more

22 October 2016


National Exhibition Belgium

Westfila 2016 > more
10-12 June 2016


FIP - FEPA Exhibitions

New York 2016 / New York
from 28/5 to 4/6/2016

contact: jef.ghys@telenet.be

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NEWS 2016

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10 February 2016 / LEDA 50

The Pre-Competitive Philatelic Exhibition LEDA 50will take place at Lede, East-Flanders fon October 22nd 2016.

Inscription form here.

10 March 2016 / Raumfart Motiv Katalog Afrika 6.3

After 9 years of hard work, Dieter Steinbrecher finally finished his 9 volumes of Space Motive stamps with the last one, Afrika 6.3 .

The series started in 2007 with EUROPA 1.1 and ends now with AFRIKA 6.3 . The nine books are in full color and pictures each and every stamp on spaceflight.

Updates of all catalogues are planned in the next years.

An overview of these catalogues is in our catalogue section.


10 January 2016 / WESTFILA 2016

The National Philatelic Exhibition WESTFILA 2016 will take place at Roeselare, West-Flanders from Jun 10th until 12th 2016.

Inscription form here.


24 April 2016 / Pionierraketenpost und kosmische Post

Brand new catalogue edited by Walter Hopferwieser about rocketmail, space mail from manned and unmanned flights and signatures of astro- and cosmonauts.

510 pages, available as from now with the author.

30 March 2016 / The Philatelic Items Issued by the Military Post Office of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre

Full color catalogue edited by Ling Fugen (only Chinese language with short index in English) about one of the major launch sites in China, where all recoverable and manned flights started from.

2540 pages, available with the author -