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Exhibitions & Shows Belgium

The following activities are planned:

Regional Exhibitions 2015

03/2015 : Hainaut & Namur

04/2015 : East & West Flanders

06/2015 : Brabant (Flemish & Wallon)

09/2015 : Antwerp & Limburg

National Exhibition Belgium 2016

Westfila 2016

10-12 June 2016


FIP - FEPA Exhibitions

London 2015 / London
from 13 to 16 May 2015

contact: jef.ghys@telenet.be



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NEWS 2014

15 December 2014 / Themaphila 50

The regional exhibition Themaphila 50 will take place on April 11th 2015 at Wetteren.

5 October 2014 / Brabantphil 2014

The National Exhibition Brabantphil 2014 was a big success for Astrophilately. No less than six collections took part in this exhibition, but all had good results. Also our Cosmos Express magazine got the Vermeil Medal and was awarded 81 %.

Results of the Astrophilatelic Exhibits at Brabantphil 2014

* 88 % LV China in Space - J. Bekaert
* 86 % LV Dragon in Space - B. Beimers
* 78 % LS Satellieten naar onze medeplaneten - F. Van Gaever
* 77 % LS Kometen en Asteroïden - P. Heye
* 74 % S De ontwikkeling van het Ruimteveer - J. Knockaert

* 81 % V Cosmos Express magazine from BFV Cosmos

Congratulations to all our competitors !

21 September 2014 / Soviet Space Dogs

Our member Marianne Van den Lemmer had a lot of correspondency with the authors of this very nice book and provided a lot of pictures out of her own collection to make this book a very nice encyclopedia of all material ever produced to remember these space dogs.

7 July 2014 / Report from Aviación y Espacio 2014

Our member Toni Rigo about the Exhibition Aviacion y Espacio 2014 in Madrid from June 26th to July 6th. Five astro ó and one youth and one literature were exhibited at this National Exhibition. Read the Report here..

26 June 2014 / 50 years of Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL)

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Liège Space Center, two Open Door days are organised on September 6th and 7th, 2014.
On Saturday September 6th, there will be a conference by Euronaut Frank De Winne at 15h. Access is free but you have to register at www.50ansCSL.be .

30 May 2014 / New President and Vice-President for Weltraum Philatelie e.V.

Astrophilatelists organized in „Weltraum Philatelie“ e. V. have elected a new board during their annual assembly at Essen on 10 May 2014.
61 year old Dr Stephen Lachhein is the new President of the association. Lachhein lives in the city of Leverkusen and is a professional chemist.
56 year old Jürgen Peter Esders is the new Vice President of „Weltraum Philatelie“. Esders is a politologist and journalist by training and lives in the Belgian capital, Brussels. His work will focus on the magazine and newsletter of the association and exhibitions.
Dr. Hans Ferdinand Virnich from the town of Sinn and Siegfried Zimmerer from Stuttgart were confirmed in their office as honorary assessors.

29 May 2014 / New website for Gmünder Weltraumfreunde

On May 29th 2014 Gmünder Weltraumfreunde launched the new website of their society. This Austrian based astrophilatelic club is known for its modern rocket mail and for two great astrophilatelists, Walter Hopferwieser and Miri Matejka. Please have a look at their new site here.

17 February 2014 / Philatelic Exhibition

On July 12th and 13th, a philatelic exhibition will take place at Ieper (Ypres) at the occasion of the remembrance of the Great War.
Postal Services in turbulent times (War Post 1914-1918) " is organised by the well known Belgian philatelist Patrick Maselis. Poster here.

1 January 2014 / Launch of the new website BFV Cosmos

Things change and an astrophilatelic club with great space ambitions has to be at the top of the IT and website development. Since I changed from good old Windows to a fantastic MacBookPro, I had to leave my old MS Expression Web program and go to an all new Mac program. I found Freeway Pro and it took me about 6 months to learn how this program works (completely different from the Windows tasks).

After that, the whole BFV Cosmos website had to be rebuilt in the new format and all links and pages had to be updated.

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