China Aerospace and souvenir products

- Edited by Posts & Telecom Press

- Language = CHINESE
(not any English translation !)

- 406 pages

- © 2014

China Aerospace and souvenir products

Is a book compiled by China Aerospace people, recording space achievements and the development process of Chinese spaceflight.

Is a book about professional catalogue of souvenir products of China's space. The book consists of 11 chapters, and introduced in parts of China's space launch and control units, various types of satellites and space probes, launched by the China manned space stations and space as well as external cooperation, and based on the footprint of China's space industry for decades, included since in the 1980 of the 20th century, from China's space development, launching, monitoring and control, recycling, space souvenir products made of different units.

B.F.V. Cosmos