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Astrophilately is the collecting of philatelic material related to space exploration. It does not develop a theme, it is a philatelic study of the scientific and technical progress achieved in conquest of space, including stratosphere research, early rocketry and the precursors to the various types of spacecraft, chronologically recording the relative events within the different programmes.

An Astrophilatelic exhibit is built up on historical, technical and scientific aspects related to space research and space programmes.

Appropriate philatelic material of an astrophilatelic exhibit iitem5ncludes the following :

- Documents handed over by a postal administration for dispatch by stratosphere balloons, rockets, spaceships, rocket planes, recovery ships, rescue helicopters and other supporting aircraft or vice versa.

- Stamps, leaflets and vignettes related to rocket mail, postal stationery, Mailgrams and special envelopes and cards of relevance to the different parts of the space program, including the related precursors; the launch, the flight and landing of space traveling objects; and the participating tracking stations, ships and supporting aircraft.

- Among the special characteristics of Astrophilately are envelopes and cards cancelled by the post office at the place and on the exact date of the special events.  
* From the period of pioneers to conquest of space 
* Rocket Mail 
* Space programmes of the USSR/Russia-USA-Europe-China-other countries 
*Unmanned space programmes 
*Manned space programmes 

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